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Meet the team: Fiona!

If you’ve ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes here at The Crafty Kit Company, in our series Meet the team we’re chatting to our lovely colleagues to learn more about the work they do. This week we caught up with our marvellous Trade Account Manager, Fiona!

When did you join The Crafty Kit Company?
I’ve been working with our founder, Jo, for seventeen years now, and so have been with The Crafty Kit Company from the very beginning! I began by helping Jo with her bookkeeping and accounts, and was there to help with setting up her previous company, The Bead Shop Scotland. I did a little bit of everything - from putting up shelves and learning to make jewellery, to helping with workshops and trade fairs! It’s been fantastic fun, and so exciting to see the business grow. I’m so happy to see how it has thrived, and very proud of Jo and her many talents, designing and managing - I can’t wait to see where it goes next! 

What do you do at The Crafty Kit Company now?
I handle our bookkeeping and accounts, and am also our point of contact for our lovely trade customers, helping them with any enquiries as Trade Account Manager.

Have you always lived in Scotland?
I’m a farmer’s daughter, and grew up in the beautiful Northumberland countryside, but we holidayed in Scotland throughout my childhood (including in North Berwick, which is close to The Crafty Kit Company workshop!). I’ll always be a Northumbrian, but my love for Scotland stayed with me. In my previous life I was a front of house manager for prestigious hotels, which allowed me to live and work in some wonderful places, including Canada, and of course, Scotland!

What drew you to East Lothian?
Love! I met my husband, who’s also a farmer, got married, and settled here - it was meant to be!

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not helping us here at The Crafty Kit Company?
Above all, being with my family, including the three men in my life: my husband and two sons, and not forgetting my two lovely dogs! I’m also very close to my family in Northumberland, and try to get back to see them as much as I can.

Enjoying the beach

I love the countryside, and am always walking. During lockdown I enjoyed discovering new places in East Lothian, and some stunning walks I hadn’t known about. We’re so lucky as East Linton is in the most wonderdful location, close to hills and the sea, with beautiful rivers to walk along - plus, it reminds me of Northumberland! 

Fiona enjoying a walk

I also enjoy cooking for my dear friends (which I have missed over the past year or so), and exploring Scotland, especially the West coast, where there are some real hidden gems. When I’m not walking or exploring you’ll find me pottering in the garden - I love colour, and while my husband enjoys growing our own vegetables, for me it’s all about the flowers!

Fiona's garden 

Which are your favourite crafts?
I enjoy turning my hand to a bit of everything, but particularly painting and upcycling vintage furniture!

Which is your favourite kit from The Crafty Kit Company?

Fiona with Mr Mole!

Mr Mole! I just love him, in his little velvet coat! But I’d also like to try making The Wild Scottish Hare, as I have something of a hare collection at home, and it reminds me of spotting hares in the beautiful countryside that I love so much.

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