We love a challenge here at The Crafty Kit Company!  And we know you're ready for a challenge this winter.  Not only is it super fun but the winner wins £100 credit to spend at The Crafty Kit Company.

So what do I have to do?

All you need to do is pre-order the pack which has five gorgeous coloured wools in it along with a 3" felt ball and some navy felt fabric.  Then make anything you like!! 

Wool pack for Winter Challenge 2023

There are some rules which need to be borne in mind to allow the challenge to be judged fairly:

  • You can make anything you like using the Challenge pack. All the different items must be used, but each one doesn't need to be used in its entirety.
  • Mixed media is welcome, but the main technique must be felting (either wet or dry)
  • Additional elements from your own supplies can be used: these could include wire, pipe cleaners, eyes, beads, thread etc.
  • Up to three fibres from your own supplies can be added.

When does it start?

You can start planning on 1st October 2023 when the Challenge is open for pre-order.  The packs will be sent out on 1st November.  You don't need to pre-order though.  The packs can still be bought after 1st November. 

But when can I start creating?

As soon as you receive your pack, you can start creating!  You will have until the end of November 2023 to create your entry.  We would kindly ask you not to share your entries on the Craft Your Way to Happiness group before the 1st of December.

And when do I enter? Put 1st December 2023 in your diary! 

All entries must be uploaded to the Winter Challenge 2023 Album on the Craft Your Way to Happiness Facebook Group. Entries must be uploaded any time on the 1st December 2023 (up to midnight GMT)

How is the challenge judged?

Judging takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of December, until midnight GMT on the 3rd.  Entries are judged by the number of 'likes' on the entry.

The winner is the photo that receives the highest number of likes. The Craft Your Way to Happiness group is a public group, and we encourage you to share your entries with friends and family on Facebook. Please be aware that your entry may receive 'likes' and comments from appreciative strangers!

Is there a prize?

The winner receives £100 credit from The Crafty Kit Company to spend on anything on the website!  What a brilliant bonus to the pleasure of having a little bit of crafty creation whilst making your Challenge piece. 

**Please  note that the Winter Challenge is now over , all our lovely entries including the winning entry are available to see on our Craft Your Way to Happiness Facebook page.  Every entry is absolutely fabulous!  Look out for other Challenges and enjoy taking part and sharing crafting creative ideas.**