Explore the depths of the ocean by creating an amazing seascape! This Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape kit by Clockwork Soldier is a 3-in-1 project, with a 3D wall chart, fact-packed board game, and playful activities.

Take a trip down through an underwater world, journey deep to the bottom of the ocean and discover the fascinating creatures and colourful plants that live in the deep - from the tiny shrimp to the big blue whale!

On one side is a beautifully illustrated seascape showing some of the amazing creatures that live in the ocean. On the other side, an amazing, fact-packed board game - hang the seascape on your wall and enjoy playing with the 3D submarine, boat and creatures included.

Easy to follow instructions and a fun activity sheet inside.

Plastic-free for a happier planet - no glue or scissors needed!

Contains: 1 x seascape/game board, 34 x card pieces, 1 x instruction/activity sheet.

Product size when built: approx. H 134 x W 30 x D 5 cm.

Made from FSC certified recycled card.

Suitable for age 7-10!

This product is not just fun but educational too. By reinforcing different educational themes through play, children can learn without it feeling like schoolwork. With a whole range of learning themes, this product can support the use of children's imagination, learning about nature, and fine motor skills.