Perfect for creating a wide range of animals!  This pack contains 25g each of 20 different colours of dyed merino wool on a natural theme.

Suitable for needle felting, wet felting, spinning and many other craft uses.

This pack includes:
Salmon x 25g
Candy Floss x 25g
Amber x 25g
Antique x 25g
Peach x 25g
Eggshell x 25g
Sandstone x 25g
Mink x 25g
Raven x 25g
Charcoal x 25g
Mocha x 25g
Pearl x 25g
Lightning x 25g
Oyster x 25g
Chocolate x 25g
Sienna x 25g
Rust x 25g
Seal x 25g
Granite x 25g
Ash x 25g

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