A lovely new addition to the Seedball range: Hedgehog Mix! ♥

The UK's hedgehog population is struggling, but we can all do something to help by growing British wildflowers. 

A wildflower patch is a super step towards creating a hedgehog friendly garden, providing shelter whilst also attracting a range of tasty insects for hedgehogs to feed on. Yum!

Each seed ball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mix of Yellow Rattle, Wild Carrot, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Tufted Vetch, Self Heal and Poppy.

Each tin of hedgehog mix contains 20 seed balls, enough to cover 1 metre square in a garden bed or 3-5 medium sized pots (leave at least 10cm between each ball).
Best scattered in Spring or Autumn.

Please note, as of 31st December 2020 we are unfortunately only able to ship Seedball products to Scotland, England, or Wales.