Soft Touch Varnish

Soft Touch Varnish

This Americana Decor® Varnish in Soft Touch is perfect when you're looking for a permanent, still-soft finish. It delivers a luxuriously soft, yet durable, polyurethane finish. The varnishes can be used in place of Americana Decor® Crème Waxes for pieces that will be used outdoors or for a simple protective finish that will not need to be reapplied regularly.

  • Low odor, water-based formula
  • Scratch, scuff, and fingerprint resistant
  • Resistant to household cleaning chemicals
  • Superior indoor and outdoor durability

Sold in a 8 oz tub

TIP: Ultra Matte and Light Satin Varnish will give the product a high degree of protection for both indoor and outdoor use. The innovative Soft Touch Varnish gives a true, velvety feel to any painted surface.

TIP: Always use a varnish for outdoor pieces. Simply brush 2-3 coats of desired varnish directly over dry Chalky Finish paint.

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