Top quality felting needles made in Germany by Groz-Beckert, a needle manufacturing specialist.

This pack, which is sealed in a paper envelope, contains 11 felting needles, one of each of the following Groz-Beckert needles for you to try:

Triangular 36 (Brown)
Triangular 38 (Mustard)
Triangular 40 (Purple)
Twisted 36 (Red)
Twisted 38 (Yellow)
Twisted 40 (Blue)
Twisted 42 (White)
Cross Star 36 (Green)
Cross Star 38 (Black)
Reverse Barb 32 (Lime)
Reverse Barb 40 (Orange)

A quick guide to needle gauges:

Heavy gauge needles are the ‘work horses’ of the pack and will felt quickly. They are not suitable for very small or delicate items and will leave ‘stab holes’ in the work. Gauge 32 would be classed as ‘heavy’.

A medium gauge needle such as a 36 or 38 is a good size for general felting.

Fine gauge needles such as 40 and 42 are good for fine work and finishing off.

Different needles have different numbers of barbs. More barbs = quicker felting. Fewer barbs = greater accuracy.

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