Welcome to The Crafty Kit Company, where every kit is a gateway to creativity and joy. Nestled on a working farm in East Lothian, Scotland, we craft each kit with a blend of passion and precision, designed to bring the delight of crafting into every home. Our mission is simple: to spread the joy of crafting.

We believe in the power of handmade, the thrill of creating something from scratch, and the joy that follows with each completed project. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, our kits provide everything you need for your creative journey.

When you choose The Crafty Kit Company, you empower us to make a real difference worldwide. Through our partnership with B1G1 (Buy One, Give One), every purchase you make helps improve lives across the globe.

Working with B1G1, we're able to support meaningful projects that create lasting impacts, from environmental restoration to education and health. Choose us not just for our quality crafts but also for the opportunity to craft a better world together.

Thanks to you, we’re able to provide sewing machines for women in Bangladesh so they can start a home business.  Find out more about B1G1 here.