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How to make your own bunting

From garden parties to village fêtes, weddings to baby showers, no summer celebration is complete without bunting! As with so many things in life, we think that the love and memories that go into creating homemade bunting adds a special something to it, plus it's a great way to recycle old fabric and buttons. Download and print our free template, and follow the steps below to make your own pretty floral bunting!

If you have a sewing machine, it will speed up the process of making your bunting, but it's equally enjoyable to sew it by hand - especially sitting in the garden on a warm summer's day!

What you’ll need:

- Cotton fabric - we used calico fabric for one side, and patterned fabric for the other
- Buttons
- Felt fabric
- Bias binding
- Sewing thread
- Sewing needle
- Scissors
- Pins
- Our free floral bunting template (download and print it here)


Step 1: cut out the paper template pieces.

Step 2: using the triangle template as a size guide, cut out your triangles of patterned fabric, and the same number of triangles in calico fabric (5 is a good number to start with).

Step 3: cut out the same number of felt flowers, and felt flower centres.

Step 4: attach each flower and flower centre to the middle of each piece of calico, by sewing on a button to secure everything.

Step 5: place each patterned triangle right sides together with a calico triangle (the flower will also be on the inside) and stitch around the two long sides of the triangle. There’s no need to stitch along the top of the triangle.

Step 6: turn each pennant the right way round, using a blunt point to define the tip.

Step 7: carefully press out the seams with an iron.

Step 8: arrange the 5 completed pennants evenly along your bias binding. Fold the bias binding in half to enclose the top edges of the pennants and pin and tack in place.

Step 9: stitch the bias binding together along its entire length, stitching over and enclosing the top edges of the pennants.

Top tip: if you’re using your sewing machine to make the bunting, you could use a decorative stitch (we used the zig-zag) to sew the bias binding.

We hope you enjoy making your bunting! Wherever you use it, we'd love to see your photos of it - please share them with us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, or Twitter!

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