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How to make your own Christmas felt decorations

Follow our free guide to create your own Scandinavian-style Christmas felt decorations. This is a great way to use up any leftover felt that you might have, or you can purchase our felt selection here. It's also a fun way to teach children how to sew (with a little help and supervision, of course) - we’d recommend this for ages 7 plus.

What you’ll need:

Red, blue, and white felt
- Red and white thread
- Sewing needle
- Scissors and pins
- White seed beads
- Our free festive felt decorations template (download and print it here)

Instructions (for all four decorations):

Step 1: Cut out all the paper pattern pieces. Pin them to the felt. You can choose your own colour combinations, or copy the decorations in the image above.

Step 2: Cut out the felt pieces.

Step 3: Stitch or decorate top layers first.

Step 4: Sew the layers together after decorating.

Step 5: Use the thread doubled for embroidery stitches. Each decoration has thread attached for hanging.

To make the toadstool:

Step 1: Stitch one bead onto the door piece for the handle. Then stitch the door to one piece of the stalk. Now stitch both pieces of stalk together around the edges. You can either use an oversewing stitch or blanket stitch to do this.

Step 2: Stitch beads all over one piece of the toadstool top. Now stitch the two pieces of top together all the way round, inserting the stalk in the right place and sewing through the stalk section with a running stitch.

To make the heart and star:

Step 1: Stitch any decoration of beads, leaf shapes or embroidered patterns to the small heart.

Step 2: Stitch both pieces of large heart together, using blanket stitch, running stitch or oversewing.

Step 3: Stitch the small heart to the large heart, again using your choice of stitch.

To make the bird:

Step 1: Stitch any beads and embroidered design to one piece of red bird.

Step 2: Stitch both pieces of red bird together using blanket stitch, running stitch or oversewing.

Step 3: Place a small heart either side of the bird and stitch around both, sewing through the bird to secure them.

We hope you enjoy making your decorations! Please share your creations with us - find us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, & Twitter!

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