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Felt Wisteria Wall-Hanging

As the season of blooming flowers and vibrant gardens unfolds, there’s no better time to bring a touch of nature’s elegance into your home with a delightful craft project. Wisteria, known for its cascading clusters of fragrant, purple blossoms, is a symbol of beauty and serenity in many cultures. While real wisteria requires the perfect outdoor conditions to thrive, our felt wisteria project allows you to enjoy this stunning flower indoors all year round.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through the process of creating your own felt wisteria. This project is perfect for adding a splash of colour to your decor, making a thoughtful handmade gift, or simply enjoying a relaxing and creative activity. Gather your materials, and let's get started on crafting a beautiful piece of nature-inspired art that captures the essence of the current blooming season.

Be sure to post your own felt wisteria wall-hangings on our Craft Your Way To Happiness Facebook Group!

You can purchase a Felt Wisteria Pack containing all components needed to create this wonderful flower cluster right here!


Materials Needed (included in the felt wisteria pack):

- 5 sheets of 24cm x 24cm felt fabric (different shades of purple, green, and white)
- Floristry tape
- 4m of armature wire

Extra materials needed (not included in the felt wisteria pack):

- Pliers
- Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
- Thread or fine string
- Large and small scissors
- An interesting twig!
- Ruler and pencil
- Wire cutters (optional)
- Rotary cutter and self-healing mat (optional)

*We recommend using a hot glue gun for making felt flowers as it is the most efficient glue for this type of crafting; you're welcome to use fabric glue or PVA but you will need to clamp the felt together and wait for it to dry.*

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Prepare Your Felt Strips
1. Using large scissors or a rotary cutter, cut your purple felt into strips of 24cm in length. Each strip should be 2cm wide at one end and 5cm wide at the other end, creating an almost rectangular shape. (see first strip on photo)
2. Glue the long sides of the felt strips together by folding the felt. You should be able to cut six strips per felt square. (see second strip on photo)

Step 2: Make Snips
1. Make small snips into the folded side of the felt strip; each snip should be about 4mm wide. This creates the petals of the wisteria.

Step 3: Prepare the Wire Stems
1. Cut your wire into lengths of 15cm.
2. Add a small amount of hot glue to the edge of floral tape and secure it to one end of a wire length. Wrap the tape around the wire for about 2cm.

Step 4: Form the Loops
1. Using your pliers, bend the end of the taped wire into a small loop.
2. Secure the loop by wrapping it with more tape.

Step 5: Wrap the Wire Stems
1. Continue wrapping the tape around the wire until you reach the end. Glue the end of the tape to keep it secure.
2. For efficiency, consider taping multiple wires in bulk.

Step 6: Attach Felt to Wire
1. Snip a small triangle off the end of your thin-sided felt strip to create a neat finish.
2. Glue the non-looped end of the wire to the end of the felt strip, with the snipped loops at the top.

Step 7: Assemble the Wisteria Stems
1. Slowly glue small sections of the felt strip and wrap it around the wire stem.
2. Repeat this process for all your prepared felt strips.

Step 8: Create the Leaves
1. Use your green felt square to cut out as many leaves as possible. Draw a faint template to guide your cutting, aiming for an oval shape with edges.
2. Scrunch the leaves to give them a realistic texture.

Step 9: Attach Leaves to Stems
1. Ensure the looped end of the stem is facing up. Glue one leaf to the top of each wisteria stem and pinch down to secure it.

Step 10: Final Assembly
1. Gather your finished wisteria stems and attach them to a small branch. Start by attaching the white stems with a small amount of thread, followed by the lighter purple stems with longer threads, and finally the dark purple stems at the bottom.
2. Glue your remaining leaves to the branch to hide the threads and create a natural look.

Step 11: Display Your Masterpiece
1. Once all stems and leaves are attached, hang your felt wisteria on the wall and admire your beautiful creation!

Creating felt wisteria is a fun and creative project that brings the beauty of nature indoors. With these steps, you can craft your own stunning wisteria display to enhance any room in your home.


Happy crafting!

Emma x 

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