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Mandy's Strawberry Pincushion

Summer is here and one of Mandy’s favourite fruits will be ripe for the picking just in time for Wimbledon which honours this sweet red berry with strawberries and cream! The Crafty Kit Company is joining in on the fun with our blog project with this cute strawberry pincushion for you to hang your embroidery scissors. In tennis terms we know you will just “Love” it.

The Crafty Kit Company is offering Mandy's Strawberry Scissor Pincushion pack for £4.95! 


Order Mandy's Strawberry Scissor Pincushion pack for £4.95. These components are included in the pack:

- Felt Fabric: Red, Holly, and White
- Felting Wool: Begonia, and Buttercup
- Yellow seed beads

Order your favourite embroidery scissors here!

Other Supplies Needed

- Red and green embroidery thread
- Embroidery needle 
- Green yarn
- Scissors
- Freezer paper (optional)

 Click here to download Mandy's Strawberry Scissor Pincushion template!


Step 1:
Print the template on A4 paper and cut out the strawberry pincushion pattern pieces. Trace the patterns on freezer paper or on felt. 
If using freezer paper, trace the patterns, iron on to felt fabric, then cut out. 
Step 2:
Felt the Begonia wool over the top of the strawberry felt fabric. Felting a light coat of wool, just enough to cover the felt fabric. Step 3:
Trim off any wool fibres hanging over the edges of the strawberry felt fabric.
 Step 4:
Fold the strawberry with the straight edges meeting and pin in place. With red embroidery thread stitch either a whip stitch or blanket stitch. 
Step 5: 
Knot at the end, and with the needle still threaded, stitch a running base stitch. Step 6:
Gather the running base stitch leaving an opening to stuff the strawberry with either left over Begonia wool or Core wool.Step 7:
Fold over the yarn and knot. Place the knotted end into the strawberry top opening. Tighten the running base stitch over the yarn. Stitch back and forth a couple of times to secure the yarn into the top of the strawberry.Step 8: 
Stitch yellow seed beads over the entire strawberry with a single strand of red thread.Step 9:
Poke a hole in the centre of the hull and push the yarn through the hole. Stitch the hull to the top of the strawberry.Step 10:
Stitch the stem to the yarn at the base of the hull, wrap the stem around the yarn and stitch in place.Step 11:
Felt the Buttercup wool in the centre of the strawberry flower.Step 12:
Referencing the strawberry flower pattern, snip the petals to the flower centre.
Stitch 3 seed beads to the centre of the flower through the stem to secure in place. Step 13:
Using a Lark’s Foot or the Cow Hitch knot attach your favourite pair of embroidery scissors.

I hope you enjoyed creating Mandy’s Strawberry Scissor Pincushion as much as I did!
Please post your finished strawberry pincushion on our Facebook page here!
Happy Crafting,

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