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Hop into Spring: Vickie’s Bunny Brooch, Chocolate Egg Pick and Hoop Art!

Easter and Spring means family, flowers, bunnies, baskets and chocolate eggs! What better way to celebrate than to make Vickie’s Bunny Brooch or Bunny Chocolate Egg Pick? Don’t stop there - we have added some Hoop Art to round out your Easter Bunny crafting!

Click here to download Vickie’s Bunny Brooch and Bunny Chocolate Egg Template!


Vickie Easter Supplies


Supply List

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 Supplies available from The Craft Kit Company:

  • Felting Wool: White (core), Candyfloss, Dream and Raven
You can order all four colours with “Pick’n Mix” 
  • Felting Fabric: Moss


Other Supplies:

  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery Thread: Pink, Moss, Yellow 
  • Fine-Tip Marker
  • Pastel Fabric
  • Bristle Brush
  • Tiny Button (optional)
  • Craft Knife
  • Cocktail Sticks
  • Your Favourite Foil-Covered Chocolate Egg(s) 



Firstly, print off your template!


Vickie's Bunny Brooch 

1. Cut out patterns and trace onto the corresponding felt fabrics colours, as shown below.


2. Create the brooch base


2a) On one of the moss circles, draw 2 lines just a little over from the holes on the brooch.

2b) Fold circle and snip the lines. Insert the brooch back into the slits.

2c) Place a bit of hot glue under the felt, between the slits. This will create a nice finished back.

2d) Whip stitch onto one side of the yellow brooch center.

2e) Then place the other moss circle on the front of the yellow brooch center and do a blanket stitch around the edge.


3. Creating the bunny head

3a) With a craft knife carefully cut the wool ball in half.

3b) On one half of wool ball, poke an indentation in the center.

3c) Cut a small bunch of “whiskers” from brush.

3d) With needle and thread stitch the whiskers through the ball half indentation.



3e) With candyfloss wool, felt a nose over the whiskers and cheeks on each side.

3f) With raven wool, felt eyes and mouth.

3g) On eyes felt a bit of dream wool over the black eyes and add wisp of white wool for eye highlight.


4. Creating the bunny ears


 4a) With white wool, felt a light layer over the bunny’s ears.

4b) Turn over ears, felt the remaining wool over the back of ear.

4c) Turn ears back to front and felt ears smooth. 

4d) Cut out bunny inner ear paper stencil.

4e) Pin stencil in place over ears.

4f) Roll small sausages of candyfoss wool and felt into stencil as shown.

4g) Remove stencil and refine the inner ear.


5. Assemble the bunny brooch

 5a) Following the photos, hot glue the bunny onto the brooch.

5b) Final touch: either add a yellow floss bow or stitch on a tiny button on the bunny’s collar.



Chocolate Egg Picks 


1. Cut one egg paw and one egg base pattern from white felt fabric. 

2. Felt white wool over felt fabric.

3. With pink thread stitch paw lines.


4. Bend and loop white pipe cleaner as shown.

5. Wrap around loops and leave short piece hanging over.

6. Cover pipe cleaner in white wool, carefully felt.

7. Felt a fluffy tail over the pipe cleaner hang over.

8. Felt or glue felted pipe cleaner to egg-paw base.


9. Follow the bunny head and ears as in Bunny head instructions.

10. Glue bunny ears to back of head.

11. Break a small piece of the cocktail stick off.

12. Glue stick to back of ears.

13. Glue other half of the felt ball, coving pick and ears (like a sandwich).

14. Cut collar as shown (stitch on button), overlap the felt, glue.

15. Push collar through pick followed by to paws (poke a hole in center with scissors)  

16. Pre-poke the foil wrapped chocolate egg with a cocktail stick.

17. Push the bunny pick into the top of the egg. Rest the egg in the paw base!


18. You can also use a wood or plastic eggs; don’t use cocktail stick, just glue the paws, collar and head to top of egg.

19. Personalise eggs with acrylic paint or permanent marks (optional).



Bunny Hoop Art

1. Stretch a piece of pastel fabric in hoop (you can pre-paint the hoop white).

2. Follow instructions for bunny head; set aside.

3. Stitch brooch center on the hoop (add seed beads if you want).

4. Blanket stitch the top brooch on to the brooch center.

5. Stem stitch from flower center (brooch) down to create a flower stem.

6. Trace two hoop leaf pattern on moss felt fabric.

7. Place on each side of stem, back stitch down center of leaves. 

8. Glue bunny in place... ta-dah!

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