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How to make a Felt Toadstool!

This Fairy Tale Felt Toadstool will bring the magic of the woods indoors, and is a great project to teach children to sew. You can add a ribbon to its top to hang it on a door handle or drawer, or fill it with extra stuffing to turn it into a pin cushion!

What you’ll need:

Red, white, and green felt
- Toy stuffing
- Thread
- Scissors
- Sewing needle
- Pins
- Embroidered flowers (optional)
- Glass ladybird (optional)
- Ribbon (optional)
- Our free Fairy-tale Toadstool template (download and print it here)


Step 1: Cut out the paper pattern pieces. The small circles for the toadstool’s spots are for you to use as a guide. Feel free to cut as many large or small spots as you like from white felt – after all, no two toadstools are identical!

Step 2: Pin the top pattern piece to a double layer of red felt and cut out.

Step 3: Pin the stalk pattern piece to a double layer of white felt and cut out.

Step 4: Pin the tuft pattern to a single layer of green felt and cut out.

Step 5: Cut out white spots - size and quantity is up to you!

Step 6: Use a double layer of white sewing thread to attach the white spots to one or both pieces of the top using blanket stitch (see diagram).

Step 7: Stitch the embroidered flowers (if using) and the tuft of grass to the stalk. Alternatively, why not embroider your own design, using stitches such as seed stitch or daisy stitch? (See diagrams below.)

Step 8
: Place the two pieces of stalk right sides together and machine or hand-sew using a back stitch (see diagram), leaving a gap at the top for stuffing.

Step 9: Fold a piece of ribbon in half (if using), and tack the raw edges to the top edge of the right side top.

Step 10: Place the two pieces of top, right sides together (with the folded ribbon inside) and machine or hand-sew using a back stitch (see diagram) leaving a gap at the base, wide enough to insert the stalk.

Step 11: Lightly stuff the stalk and loosely over-sew the top closed.

Step 12: Lightly stuff the top. Insert the stalk about 1cm into the gap at the base of the top and neatly attach the top to the stalk by over-sewing all the way round.

Step 13: As a finishing touch, sew the ladybird onto the toadstool, if using – anywhere you like!

We hope you enjoy making your fairy tale felt toadstool! Please share your creations with us - find us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, & Twitter!

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