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Make a macramé bud vase holder

Macramé is a fun and satisfyingly easy craft that can be used in a host of ways, using just one material, yarn! If you’ve bought one of our needle felting kits in the past, you might still have one of the small plastic tubes that we previously used to hold our felting needles. Rather than recycling them with your plastic waste, why not reuse them to create this macramé bud vase holder? They’re easy to make (even for an absolute beginner - this is my first attempt at the craft!), and are perfect for displaying felt flowers.

What you’ll need:

- Macramé yarn - I used Durable Macramé Yarn - Mint, but you can choose any colour you like!
- Scissors
- Measuring tape
- Masking tape to hold your yarn in place as you work
- Small plastic test tube (the one shown here measures 10cm long x 1.5cm in diameter)

How to make
the holder

Step 1: cut three lengths of yarn measuring 135cm, and one length measuring 170cm. Line up your three smaller lengths, and fold them in half, leaving a loop at the top. Tape this in place to hold your yarn steady as your work.

Step 2: you will now form a ring of knots around the loop, using your longer piece of yarn. Start by tying a lark’s head knot over the loop using your longer piece of yarn. To do this, fold the longer piece of yarn in half, again forming a loop. Slip this loop underneath the first loop. 

Pull the new loop up over the top of the first loop, then slip the two ends of yarn up through it, and pull tight.

Step 3: using the right hand piece of your longer yarn, you will now form nine knots to the right of your lark's head loop. To do this, slip the right hand yarn underneath the three pieces of yarn, then up through the loop that this creates. Pull tight. When you have completed the nine knots on the right, repeat this process to the left of the lark's head knot, using the left hand piece of the longer yarn.

(Please note, if you struggle with this part of the project, as an alternative you could also just use 4 pieces of yarn cut to 135cm, fold them in half, and tie a single knot at the top!)

Step 4: remove your masking tape, and gather the two sides of your line of knots together to form a ring, which you will secure in place with 3 knots.

Step 5: to form the first knot, take the two outer pieces of yarn. Loop the left hand piece of yarn underneath the other pieces, and the far right hand piece of yarn over the top. Slip the left hand yarn through and above the right hand yarn, and slip the right hand yarn through and underneath the left. Pull tight to secure, and repeat with two more knots underneath.

Step 6: divide your yarn into 4 pairs.

Step 7: tie a knot in each pair, around 18cm below the base of the ring. Tape the ring back to your surface to hold your yarn in place again.

Step 8: beginning with the second piece of yarn from the left, divide your yarn into pairs again, leaving the far left and far right pieces of yarn as single pieces.

Step 9: tie a knot in each of the inner pairs, around 4.5cm below the knot above. 

Step 10: bring the two outer pieces of yarn together, and tie a knot in them at the same height. They will now be in the centre.

Step 11: repeat the process from steps 8 to 11, dividing your yarn again into pairs, leaving the far left and far right pieces of yarn as single pieces.

Tie a third knot around 4.5cm below the second layer of knots, ending with the two outer pieces of yarn.

Step 12: tie a knot underneath the third layer of knots to form the bottom of your plant holder, using the same knot from step 5. Repeat to form another 2 knots below this.

Step 13: trim your yarn at the bottom to form a tassel, however long you like!

Step 14: slip your test tube into the centre of the holder, add a felt flower of your choice, and hang on the wall!

You can adapt this project to hold larger plant pots, bottles, or jam jars, by experimenting with the length of yarn that you use, and the position of the knots!

- Rebecca at The Crafty Kit Co. xoxo

We hope you enjoy making this plant holder! Please share your creations with us - find us on FacebookInstagramPinterest, & Twitter!

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