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It's Your Lucky Day! Make Your Own Heather's Lucky Charm Brooch

The luck of the Irish is with us! Pull out your rainbow-colored wool and a bit of green and blue felt fabric and create Heather’s Lucky Charm Brooch and don’t not stop there - let’s make some art, too!

Maybe you will find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!?!


Click here to download the Heather’s Lucky Charm Brooch Template!


Supply List

Supplies available from The Crafty Kit Company:

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  • Felting wool: Scarlet, Marigold, Buttercup, Leaf, Dream, Lavender (Raven optional) 

Note: You can order all six colours with “Pick ‘n Mix” 



Other Supplies

  • Embroidery needle 
  • Straight pins
  • White embroidery thread
  • Fine tip marker
  • Scissors
  • Gold large seed beads




1. Print off Heather’s Lucky Charm template, cut out brooch, rainbow stripe and clover patterns. 


2. Trace 2 of the brooch pattern on to the light blue felt fabric. Starting just below the top of one of the circles trace the rainbow stripe, continue tracing until you have six stripes. Trace the clover pattern 4 times on moss felt fabric.


3. Roll one sausage from each colour of wool the width of the rainbow stripe. Starting at the top rainbow stripe, felt the scarlet wool and fill in the stripe. Continue felting each of the colours to make the rainbow.


4. For best results use the Green Clover tool (or poke a lot to get a flat surface) to flatten the rainbow. 


5. Turn over the rainbow. Felt the ends overlapping to the back (if too long, trim).


6. Turn rainbow to front. Pin 4 clover pieces in place. Embroider using a back stitch down the center of each clover piece. Embroider a stem stitch to make the clover’s stem.

Tip: Fold each clover piece in half and make a crease with your fingers. This will give you a guide to stitch. 


7. With remaining blue circle place brooch in the center, draw 2 lines just a little over from the holes on the brooch. Fold circle and snip the lines. Insert the brooch back into the slits. Place a bit of hot glue under the felt, between the slits. This will create a nice finished back.


8. Place the brooch back over the back of the rainbow. Embroider a blanket stitch around the edge catching the top and back together. Leave a small opening and lightly stuff. You can use core wool or the bits of the leftover rainbow wool. Stitch closed. There you have your own Lucky Charm Brooch! 




Let's create some variations of Heather's Lucky Charm Brooch!

The Golden Lucky Clover

Add some gold seed beads around the edge. Put a bead on the needle then slide it down, finish off your blanket stitch, repeat all the way around. 


The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow!

Framed Artwork:

Cut out the Pot of Gold pattern, pin to the black felt fabric and cut. Felt black wool over the pot. 

Designer’s notes:

I used cloud flannel scrap and cut hills from green plaid.

Embroider the hill using a chain stitch along the top edges, back stitch in yellow along the crisscross on the plaid. Then I felted the pot in place. 

Trace the rainbow stripe pattern in the center of the fabric and felt the rainbow.

To finish it up stitch the clover in the center above the hill and stitch on gold seed beads.

Put the artwork in a 4 x4 frame without the glass.


U R My Lucky Charm Hoop

Cut a piece of light blue felt fabric to fit into a 3” hoop.

Trace the rainbow stripe pattern in the center of the fabric and felt the rainbow a bit longer than the stripes on both sides. Stitch the clover overlapping the rainbow. Stitch on round alphabet beads spelling out “U R MY LUCKY CHARM”. 

Paint the hoop white. Place artwork in the hoop. Hot glue felt to back of hoop and trim!








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