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Sue's Starfish & Seashell Brooches and the add-on for Nana Kath’s Beach Hut
Starfish and Seashell Brooches  Beach Hut Hoop


Sue's Starfish & Seashell Brooches

and the add-on for Nana Kath’s Beach Hut

Beach Hat

It’s summertime at The Crafty Kit Company and that means trips to the seaside. We have taken two of our favourite seaside creatures; the Starfish and the Queen Scallop Shell and created brooches to fasten to your beach hat or add on to Nana Kath’s Beach Hut hoop.  Both of these can be found in May's project.  How will you use them?!

Click here to download The Sues’ Starfish and Seashell template!

Sue's Starfish & Seashell Brooches

Brooches Supply List

Supply List

These supplies are available from The Crafty Kit Company. Click on the red text to take you to the specific product pages!

    Other Supplies

    • Fine-Tip Marker
    • Scissors
    • DMC Embroidery Floss: 776, 422
    • Embroidery needle
    • Seed beads; brown iridescent
    • Beading needle
    • Freezer Paper (plastic coated) *

    Reynolds Freezer Paper

    Cut out Starfish and Seashell patterns. See the Designer Notes (at the bottom of the project) on how to use freezer paper*.

    Trace two of each. You can also trace the pattern directly to the felt fabric with a marker.

    Starfish Brooch   

        Step 1  Step 3  Step 3

    • Cover felt fabric starfish with fawn wool, using felting tool, felt the starfish
    • Turn over and felt the wool over the edge of the felt fabric starfish
    Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7
    • Turn starfish back over
    • Using wisps of salmon felt on starfish as shown
    • Felt wisps of chestnut pup over the salmon
    • Felt wisps of fawn over top
    • Roll small sausages of chestnut chap, felt over top as shown
    Step 8
    • Thread the beading needle and stitch beads on the starfish
    Step 9  Step 10  Step 11
    • On the extra starfish, mark where the brooch back will be place, snip a small slit into the felt fabric
    • Slip brooch back in the slits, stitch in place
    Step 12  Step 13

    Queen Scallop Shell

    Shell Step 1  Shell Step 2

    • Cover felt fabric shell with fawn wool, using felting tool, felt the shell
    • Felt salmon wool over top
    Shell Step 3  Shell Step 4  Shell Step 5
    • Turn over and felt the wool over the edge of felt fabric shell
    • Blend the candy floss and chestnut chap together
    • Roll a small sausages of mixture, felt over top as shown, starting with a “V”
      Shell Step 6  Shell Step 7
    • Continue with the sausages adding the detail of the queen scallop shell
    • To create the shell’s ridges, felt candy floss sausages from the centre of the “V” to the top of the shell.
    Shell Step 12  Shell Step 13
      • With embroidery floss, stitch a stem stitch along the edges of the felted shell ridges
      • See the starfish instructions to add the brooch back
      • Do a Blanket Stitch around edges to complete your Queen Scallop Shell! 

      Please post your brooches on The Craft Kit Company’s Facebook page:  Craft Your Way To Happiness

      If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Happy Crafting,



      *Designer's Notes:

      If you haven’t discovered Reynolds Freezer Paper (plastic coated) this tip is going to make cutting shapes from felt so easy! Simply trace your pattern on the paper side of the freezer paper, then iron onto the felt fabric, cut out, peel off freezer paper from felt! No maker lines on your felt and a nice clean cut. Save your freezer paper patterns because you can use the again.

      I find they are good for 2 to 3 more uses.


      Sue's Starfish & Seashells

      Beach Hat with Brooches

      Brooches  Beach Hut Hoop

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